Senso di colpa


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Senso di colpa
Amaro Astio


released June 29, 2017

Live recorded at Groovestudio by Tommaso Mantelli on 13-14 May 2017
Mix - Master Tommaso Mantelli
"Intro" composed by Molestia Auricularum
Artwork: Maria Todesco



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NYPRA Feltre, Italy

Power trio da Feltre (BL), formatosi nel 2016 e dedito a sonorità pesanti che vanno dal punk allo sludge e al crust. Il nome si rifà alle tempeste di neve delle steppe russe.
Negli anni abbiamo collaborato/ suonato/partecipato in progetti come Slowdown, Bleeding Eyes, Una fi*a Blu, Losing Kontrol, Storm[O], Love in Elevator


Nicola Anselmi: G+B
Rocco Turra: V+G+B
Marco De Boni: D
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Track Name: Boredoom
Welcome in the kingdom of boredom
Where everything is made of pain
Where anything is as you wanted
where the solution is getting waasted

So low she's ever thought she's gone!

She looks to survive to that shit
Because her eyes can see trough the spit
All the world around seems sick

Everywhere she believes it's the wrong place to live

Seems Sick!

Lost in her face
lost in her dream
Everywhere she's fall asleep
Everywhere she dies at least
Track Name: Blow
So far away
Nothing to pray
Only shame
Drawn on your face
That crazy game
Don’t play again

Another one
Unbelieveable truth
It’s just run away from you

Give me back the lonely green wood
Give me back the sun outside
Give me back you have understood
Give me back my fucking time

Smiles on faces swollen like bubble
All they drinking and laughing while
We’re still fighting our struggle
Our struggle called life

All my bones have been hit so harder
harder as I never know
All the time i’ve screamed so louder
‘cause my life is like a blow

Close up your broken windows
No one is safe, it’s so fine
We’re still running into the shadow
We will never walk the line
Track Name: Brexit
It’s a right to choose
It’s a pride to loose
As you are used

No one of us
Are speaking about
The war of class

Also your life’s
turning around
the booze in glass

Brexit or not
you only are
the badass

I can’t believe that our England’s dream it’s just smoke some pot in London
Everyday loaded the shit that we choke but your queen can just suck my cock
Nothing to explain when in every vein pumps the fucking same blood

We don’t like you! We don’t like you! We don’t like you!
We don’t miss you! We don’t miss you! We don’t miss you!
Track Name: Decline
Feeling suicidal
My mood is so bad
Looking around
And no one to speak
Life is so hard
As hard shitting brick
People that I know
Suck my time as leech

Now I can’t fight, All the night, Against myself, Against
I! fist on the wall
I! I fly and I fall
I! I’ve got no one

Falling everywhere
Falling all the time
It’s so hard to know
Reasons of my decline

Track Name: Amaro Astio
Forget the witness
From first to last
Forgive the killers

You know what they’ve seen
Everybody knows that sin
Your god protects your life
So you’ve got just kill some guys

You tell us they was addicted
You tell us they was rejected
You tell us

Fuck sake pay no respect
Only hate and no regret

I hope that all you'll die
Since the first of your lie

Fuck that shit
I must spit it
You’re the shit
I must kill it
Track Name: Sickness
Everyday I scrape inside my soul to find the hate
Everytime I look your eyes I see the rage
I spent all my life to escape from this cage
Because I feel my self like when I hold my breath

Scrape inside
Be more hostile
Silly pride
Just fuck off now

I’m sick and I’m fell so tired
‘cause I know that all hope is gone
Everytime I need more silence
And your head smashed over the floor

I’ve done the best that I can
But for all them it means nothing